today Mukalla seaport began celebrate



Today Mukalla seaport began celebrate with first international shipping line COSCO
initiate his operation from china to Yemen Hadramout via Jabel Ali spectrum 5 vessel arrived carryout about 96 container different size with different commodity (foods,equipment’s)we hope to see more shipping line work directly to Yemen Hadramoot an Aden soon this news source come from our local news paper but i thing this news have some mistake spectrum 5 is general cargo vessel not container vessel

General Cargo Vessels:
Although largely replace by bulk and container carriers, general cargo vessels still operate throughout the world. Cargo is usually in the form of pallets or bags and is known as break bulk. There may be specialized handling facilities for such cargo, but usually loading and unloading is carried out using cranes and straps (for boxes) or slings (for bags). Loose or irregular cargo is also carried, in this case the vessel’s crew and port stevedores will pack the cargo to minimize damage and maximize the utilization of space.



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