i love ADEN more than any international city in the world
you can say i am drunk but that’s true love if you live in it you will get same feeling,i am invite you to walk in old street to looking to the people with warmest feeling and get drunk with cup of ADNIES tea you can get extra size we call it Aidarosy tea imagine that’s time pass slowly in front your eyes ,hear the sound of AZAN and let sound boost power of faith in your heart its time to pray with people who did not know something worth like worshiping ALLAH the same lord that worshiped by jews and christians with more purity concept if you are from other religions you can pray with as for peaceful world we respect your choice this is your life so live it,sometimes you think happiness comes easy with money many people think that in our materialistic world that’s not true you can get happiness with simple thing sharing life and smile with people who care about you ADEN and all YEMEN is warmest society in the Arab World.


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