Cargo Solutions


LogistaaS is a cloud-based software solution for freight forwarders. We are integrated with shipping lines and airlines, and the system comes with modules for customer relationship management, inquiries and offers management, and transport management. Every company using the system can provide its customers with an online portal, where they can sign in, view the status of their shipments, check their invoices, and send new inquiries.

We have companies using our system in 19 countries, and we have offices in Dubai and in Jordan.

Please advise if we can schedule a call during the coming days, during which I can explain more details about our system.

All the best,

Kareem Naouri – LogistaaS

Mobile: +962-795-332-020
Tel: +962-6-500-4020
Fax: +962-6-500-4013

Empowering Freight Forwarders Through World-Class Technolo


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